Piper PA24-180 Comanche

Color touch screen Avidyne IfD-540 IFR GPS with WIFI that streams to your I-pad, weather and traffic included with audio alerts. 

IFR Lynx NGT 9000 ADSB in/out Transponder with WIFI, Weather, traffic, TCAS, ATAS enabled.

Duel GARMIN G5 PFD indicators:


Not show in pictures

Garmin GFC 500 2 axis autopilot

Not shown in pictures

#2 Digital King KX 155 Nav Com

Duel Glide Slopes

King KMA20 Audio Panel

4 Place Intercom

PPT each yoke


Constant Speed 2 blade Hartzell propeller

Retractable landing gear

Complex Instrument and Commercial aircraft

Aircraft is stored inside when not flying, no ice, frost or frozen controls to worry about

Note: There is a checkout process and minimum time requirement to operate this aircraft due to insurance and WAI policy limitations. 

Comanche panel 3-2018