I am not a Pilot, how can I get started?

Contact us and schedule what is called a Discovery Flight with one of our Instructors. These flights typically last about an hour and you can actually fly the airplane!  Not only that, but this flight time counts towards your private pilots rating.


Can I bring a friend?

 Yes! We can usually accommodate an additional person in the back seat. We do ask that you discuss this at the time of booking.


How long does it take to get my Private license?

The FAA minimum requirement is 40 hours. Most people have 50-60 hours when they go for their Flight Check.

Most lessons are scheduled in a two hour block and you will log approximately 1.2 – 1.4 flight hours per scheduled block.

 There are many variables that affect the length of training, some of which include weather and student availability. It is recommended to fly two or more times per week.


How much will it cost to get my Private License?

That depends on the number of hours the individual student requires.

 Costs to consider:


Third Class Medical                                                                                         $150  estimate

Ground School Materials                    Sporty’s Complete Kit                        $400   

Aircraft Rental **                                Wet Rental, fuel included                  $145 per hour

Instructor Fee                                       (primary instruction)                      $43 per hour

FAA Written Test Fee                                                                                       $150  estimate           

Flight Check / Examiner Fee                                                                          $500 – 700  estimate

Aviation Headset                                Recommended **                             $100 – 1200                            


*    Block time discount is available

** Rental Headsets may be available


Approximately 60%-70% of your flight time will be with an Instructor.

Using these estimates, and a flight hour range of 50 – 60 hours, a realistic cost would be between $8,700 and $10,000 to obtain your Private Pilot License.


How many Instructors does Whitewater Aviation have?

 We currently have 6 flight instructors of various availability.


How many aircraft does Whitewater Aviation have?

We currently have three Cessna 172 aircraft and a Piper PA-24 Comanche. The Comanche is used for advanced training such as complex, Instrument, ATP, Commercial and CFI.


How is aircraft and instructor time computed and billed?

Both the aircraft and instructor are billed on a per hour basis.  The aircraft is billed via an hour meter in the plane calculated in tenths of an hour once the engine is running.  The instructor’s time is based on this same meter for flight time.  Ground instruction is based on actual time spent with the student before or after a flight.


Can I earn my Advanced Ratings at Whitewater Aviation?



Can I rent the aircraft for personal flights?


We require the renter to be properly licensed and complete a Check Out with a current Whitewater Aviation Instructor. Limitations apply to overnight, extended hours or long cross country flights.  WAI will not permit a checkout and immediate long cross country or overnight with new customers.  Our priority is to operate a safe and reliable flight training institution. 


Is fuel included in the aircraft rental price?

 Yes. There are no hidden fees. 


Is there a block time discount?

Yes! For the Cessna 172 aircraft, if you purchase a 10 hour block using cash or check, the rental rate is $137.75 per hour.  Limitations apply.  This streamlines the billing process and eliminates credit card fees.

 For the Piper Comanche, the retail rate is $180 per hour (credit) or $171.00 per hour (cash). Block time discount is not available for this aircraft.


Am I required to carry my own insurance?

No, Whitewater Aviation provides full liability and hull insurance coverage.  Non Owned aircraft rental insurance is available through places like Avemco and AOPA that you are encouraged to purchase for your own protection but are not required to have.  There is an insurance deductible that you would be liable for in the event of a loss.


Is the flight schedule available online?

Yes, Whitewater Aviation Inc will provide you with a link to your own account so you can access the flight instructor and aircraft schedules online. 

Students can access the viewing portion of the schedule only and must coordinate with their instructor to book aircraft and instructor time slots.

Private Pilots may alter the aircraft schedule.


Can I book a discovery flight through the e-mail system?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  A call to the office at 513-367-1201 is the best way to schedule as there are airport and TSA security items to discuss. 


Can I fly at night?

Yes, as part of your flight training you will be required to fly at night with an instructor.  If you are a licensed pilot, we require a night rental check out each 90 days.  Limitations apply. 


I am a licensed pilot, can I get checked out and take your plane out for the weekend?

 No.  Extended operations are not permitted for “new” customers unless specifically authorized by management.